Invite John

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Invite John

Pastors and small group leaders: Want to explore the 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart and help your church grow in their faith and love for others? Invite John to visit your small group or congregation via Zoom! Book a free, 30-minute author chat by contacting John here.

Teachers and professors: Are you using the book, 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart: How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor, in your classroom? Want your students to think more deeply about what it means to help those in need, and how to begin doing that better? Invite John (an experienced teacher) to visit your classroom, via Zoom, to inspire your students to engage in theological thinking about these important topics! Book a free, 30-minute author chat by contacting John here.

Podcasters and media: Do you serve an audience of people interested in becoming better versions of themselves? Want to offer them practical, compelling guidance for better living out their faith? Host John on your podcast, or invite him for a radio or TV interview, by contacting him here.

Event organizers: Want to inspire your audience with a compelling speaker who will help them think about helping others and better living out their faith? Invite John to speak at your in-person or virtual event! Contact him here.