One tip for a successful day

When I finally received my Turkish residence permit, we went to a restaurant we’d never been to.

Sometimes, when I need to motivate myself, or when I’m looking forward to completing something that has taken a long time, I prize myself.

When I completed a writing project, again, I went to a restaurant I’d never been to.

(I guess there’s a theme for the types of rewards I enjoy.)

Recently, when my wife was dreading a particularly stressful day, we made arrangements to go back to the restaurant we’d gone after I received my residence permit.

Making that plan did two things gave her something to look forward to at the end of the dreaded day. It helped her get through the day because, regardless of how it went–good or bad–the day was going to end well.

You can think of this end-of-the-day-reward as an investment-of-sorts. You are planning for something nice that will, ultimately, help you in some way get through the day or task more easily.

Try it next time you face a difficult task or stressful day.